Getting started

  • Get invited. emundoo is still in alpha and needs testing. To ensure meaningful test results we currently support only a limited number of users. You can apply for an account right here.
  • After invitation you will receive an email containing a link which allows you to register an emundoo user account. Follow the link and complete the registration form to create your account.
  • Install any missing prerequisite software.
  • Login to this website and download the emundoo client software for your platform. Usually we provide packages for a specific Operating System only if changes to the client are required for better system integration. If your system is not listed, use the platform independent pure Java client.
  • After downloading and installing the client software, launch it. A window with a login screeen should open. Use your account data from this site and log in.
  • Point your web browser to the media page. and choose a video.
  • After a short delay, the video should begin playing within your browser. If it does not, you may attempt to use another embedded player by selecting "Try another player" at the bottom left of the page. You can save which player emundoo should use on your machine by choosing "this works for me" at the bottom center of the page. If none of the embedded players work for you, you have the option of using an external video player of your choice via the direct RTSP link on the bottom right of the page.
  • Enjoy the videos! :)

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