Contributing network resources

As a Peer-to-Peer application, emundoo greatly depends on users to contribute resources to the system. In this case that means a small portion of hard disk space on your machine (configurable in the emundoo client) and a fraction of your network bandwidth. These resources are required to stream data from videos you've already watched to other users. To make this work, other emundoo clients on the Internet have to be able to reach the machine on which your emundoo client is running.

When you start your emundoo client and log in to the system, a short test will be performed to see if your machine is reachable. The client will reflect the result of this test in the lower left corner of the window by showing small colored lights.

  • A red light means the client is offline and can not be used. Ususally you see this before you log in.

  • A yellow light indicates that you can use emundoo to watch video, but your machine can not be reached by other clients and thus can not contribute to the network. This is probably the most common scenario with private Internet connections.

  • A green light indicates full connectivity. Congratulations. :)

If your client shows only a yellow light after login, your machine most probably sits behind a firewall and/or a NAT router which are quite common these days. In order to still be reachable, that router or firewall have to be configured to allow incoming connections to the port selected in the emundoo client preferences which defaults to port 8554. In the case of a NAT router this additionally involves forwarding the specified port from the router to the machine running the emundoo client software.

Consult the manual for your router on how to perform the necessary steps to set up port forwarding. When you are done, restart the emundoo client and log in. You should now be reachable from the outside world reflected by a green light in the client. We are working on methods to automate this entire process and apologize for any inconvenience. Please bear with us.

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